Maritza Davila

Manos en búsqueda de un idioma (2011)
acordono flag structure, screenprint
14.25 x 5.75 in. | opens to 22 in.

The thread that runs through my work is the collection of experiences that, through blood and culture, make me who I am. My work reflects these histories and choices bound up in the qualities of my essential self. I use frames within frames, house shapes, arches, doorways, lace patterns, text, landscape, and the body as metaphors for home and the journeys in life related to ancestry, memories, family, politics, and the spiritual.

I interpret these elements using diverse print techniques and in a variety of media as well as the book format. These expressions lend themselves especially well to original multiples, which are inherently flexible and well suited to propagating the concept.

It is artwork that celebrates the past, is created in the present, and records for the future. Time thus becomes the element that binds medium and concept.

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© Maritza Davila