Rosemary Davis

Shhhhh (October 2019)
16 x 20 in. | $225

Every experience for me begins with images. I’ve spent most of my life behind camera lenses and even without them; my eyes are still the first to search and question. If a subject makes me grab a camera, those lenses, I’m all in. I was a working class kid from Milwaukee when wanderlust led me to San Francisco. During the mid-70s, I studied photography there during four years of college. After a move to the Twin Cities in 1980, I began working on film and video projects, making it my profession by 1986. After a full, hard-working couple of decades I turned to writing. But, through it all, my still camera remained a companion. Still is.

Buildings, structures and facsimiles of people intrigue me. I like to shoot anything historic – old clocks, mailboxes, mannequins, cars and buildings. I witness whatever the subject requires, reveals, or resonates. My body of work is diverse: portraits, editorial, nature, events, and especially images driven by location. I’m most interested in geography and representations of people.

Part of the whole process of being a photographer for me is presenting the work to an audience. I need and want responses of all kinds in order to both share my vision and learn from feedback. No matter what, I make time to get my photography into the public sector. I realize how important it is to create images that will educate, tell stories and evoke emotional responses.

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