Marisa Andropolis

The Nightmare (2019)
oil on canvased wood
10 x 7.5 x 6 in. | $300

Untitled (2016)
oil and cheesecloth on canvas
8 x 10 in. | $175

Portraiture has the ability to create connections with viewers through their familiarity. However, often times they only portray themselves the way they want to be seen. Physical appearances only define the idealized self. My paintings reveal that capturing the essence of a sitter has nothing to do with conveying an exterior resemblance, but instead involves viewers to delve deeper into the subject’s life and mind to unveil their hidden, inner realities. Through the process of veiling and unveiling figures, I conceal parts of a perceived identity, while revealing an interiority of the self.

© Marisa Andropolis