Maria Lobo

Ladyscape Three
handworked giclee print on canvas
16 x 20 in.

The work is “East Meets West” in both imagery and techniques. It is a reflection of my own background and heritage, as well as the East/West environment in which I live. I have looked inwardly at my own history and background for inspiration.

The transparency and layers of paint, some metallic, relate to the layers of life, current and historical. The viewer can see traces of what came before in the painting process and the passage of time. Transparency reveals what went before and its affects on what is visible now, both on the painting surface and in our own personal histories. Floral and leaf imagery also refer to family and ancestry, as in the family tree. Each leaf is an individual with its own character. My use of metallic paints is inspired by the beauty of Chinese prayer papers, which are burned for ancestor worship.

© Maria Lobo