Malika Jackson

The Other Side of Pain

My focus has mainly been the female figure. Through the use of various elements of paint, clay and wood I interpret a mood, feeling or emotion, with the use of color, shape, line and form. I can tell a story of serenity, faith, hope, friendships and more. Building upon layers of color or the use of flat warm and cool colors helps to draw my audience into a realistic, interpretative and/or cubistic female art form.

Through the use of clay, I create form and movement a cerebral and aesthetic link to the earth. When I can bring a character to life, or tell a story by transforming a simple lump of clay to a third dimension, I get great joy and satisfaction through the use of this expressive medium.

I want my work to be my voice, to impact and move my audience to bring a smile, tears, joy and even for some-change; not only for now, but for perpetuity.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi

© Malika Jackson