MahlÕt S A N S O S A

“ils ne t’ont pas appris à m’aimer“
[they didn’t teach you to love me] Parc Floral, Paris
video still; 8 x 17 in.

“quoi de mieux que la vie. mort“
[want better than life. death] Château d ‘eau, Paris
video still; 17 x 8 in.

Indeed, “touch”, both in the physical, literal sense, as well as the psychological, figurative iterations inform the ways in which we develop and connect with our loved ones and the world around us.

What many are experiencing in this moment of isolation is only a taste of what many more suffer day after day.

This work is dedicated to society’s “UNtouchables” those deem “unworthy”, “not welcome”, “deplorable“, “sacrificial”.

Across high society nations, Africans are considered the untouchable, migrants, refugees. In other places Black diaspora populations bare this brunt, pushed to the margins. Elsewhere it is the gender non-conforming, trans and queer communities.

Sub groups that exist on the fringe & lurk in the shadows.

Where the highest in government call out and address as ‘scum’ ‘vermin’ or worse..

In Brazil, those of the Favelas, in France and its current colonies, the Banlieues, where the classed are told to “STAY away! Don’t TOUCH!” less you become one of them..

For us who escaped. For us who did not.

The plight will not change. The multi-isms of the world will not allow it. If we are truly fortunate after lock-down and beyond, a few might actually change their ideas, towards them.

© MahlÕt S A N S O S A