Mackenzie Madison

Pop Goes the World
pen and ink
6 x 6 in.

Society is quick to paint art as a path of starvation, failure and regret. It has been cut from schools and replaced with common-core standards. When a high schooler pursues art, they are told they must be insufficient in math and science. College students are told they won’t get a job, because art is meaningless unless your designing company logos. Again, and again society will question the purpose of artists, however art is the coal that fuels our world and artists are the miners extracting it.

Without art, many scientific and mathematical foundations would rupture.
The questions derived from society fuel my artistic motivation. I strive to produce work that will continue to challenge their questions and prove the importance of art. The use of line plays a key role in my paintings and drawings. In my drawings, its main purpose is formulating dynamic movement. In my paintings, it supplements dramatic colors, creating a painterly image.

People will question the importance of artists from an economical stand-point, and continue to be stunned by the work we create. The imagery in these pieces illustrates that moment when our messages stun the world through our work.

© Mackenzie Madison