Mabi Ponce De Leon

Matrix #3
mixed media/paper
22 x 22 in.

In my newest body of work – the Matrix series – I combine the idea of origins with images of pregnancy and birth. The Latin meaning of the term matrix relates to the womb, the place of origin, the mold, the mother. With the birth of my daughter, I have recently experienced the cycle of creation. Such a powerful experience provides a wealth of insight into the idea of Woman / Goddess as creator of life.

Drawing on recent experience and past artistic exploration, my new work is a culmination and extension of my ideas regarding life, identity and art. In past work, I have used maps or other geographical data to create a sense of place. Now,
I am using my baby’s karyotype – her DNA “map”. As always, I use significant numbers in my series – such as three for trimesters or nine for the length of human gestation. I allude to water and our origins in the ocean – ripple marks, sea shell forms, and related elements. The use of sea shells not only echoes specific forms in each piece, but also harks back to the idea of womb and feminine, organic contours. Rather than telling a specific story about birth, I prefer to provide a visual/sensory map – a more personal journey into the miracle of creation.

© Mabi Ponce De Leon