Lucy Rose Fischer

Linked Lives (2 pedestals)
3 hand blown glass vases
13½ x 8 x 3½” (tallest)

My images on glass reflect the tragi-comedy of growing old: “Life is short and so am I…” “The breakdown of movable parts”… “One morning I woke up and didn’t recognize myself”… “The sisterhood of sleeplessness”… ” Hurry up it’s time…” “A generation goes, a generation comes”… “Time does NOT equal money”…

Becoming an “old lady” has taken me by surprise—this despite my 25-year career as a gerontologist and award-winning researcher and author. Many years ago, my mother told me she could not accept her image in the mirror—how and when did she become “old”? Now I look in the mirror and see my mother’s face.

My artworks radiate with color and humor. I have been called the “funny one” who is “serious” about art (Star Tribune, 1-25-06). Facing my aging face, I choose to laugh.

I have exhibited my glass bowls, vases and plates in many juried and solo exhibits: the American Craft Council Shows of Fine Craft, the Minnesota Craft Festival, the Phipps Museum, the Fine Arts Exhibits at the Minnesota State Fair, Frank Stone Gallery, the University of Minnesota, Hopkins Center of the Arts, White Oak Gallery, among others. – Age: 62