Luba Zygarewicz

Rendere: pouring myself out to render… life
1000 emptied tea bags and extracted tea, beeswax
55 x 58 x 2 in.

Informed and inspired by the fragmentation of physical presence and pressing issues, much of the work is grounded in daily rituals.

Zygarewicz “amasses the ephemera of her everyday life with her used teabags, discarded twigs, lint from her dryer and clusters of her hair. Through this process of collection, Zygarewicz records both the passage of time and the intimate moments in her daily life. She meticulously categorizes and stores these items — sometimes over the span of a decade or more — much like a documentarian. From her collections, she also creates delicate installations that use not only material, but also light and shadow, in expressive and poetic ways.” Erin Schalk for OVAC

© Luba Zygarewicz