Louise Bloom

Ronnie Dancing
oil on canvas
35 x 17. 5 in.

During the time I was preparing for exhibition I attended a traditional Jewish ceremony at the graveside where a “monument” or headstone was being unveiled. The rabbi reminded those present that the human tendency was towards forgetting and that the tradition of erecting a monument was to encourage memory.

The work here (like the “headstones” in the Jewish tradition) remembers moments and people in the context of that which is universal in the human experience.

The subject of the works on exhibit while evidently marking moments of a personal nature are also MONUMENTS to the nature of humanity, and the infinite variety in human expression. These works have been wrought in the spirit of that which is tender, touching, fleeting, intimate, impactful. Time sometimes robs us of memories that are of powerful significance to the human journey. Here is celebrated that which is for keeping and remembering. The contemporary global informants bombard us daily with the savage and unkind. The tiny, ordinary life bearing moments lift the spirit and pay homage to the heart.

Here ordinary objects and ordinary moments become the stone tablets, which enliven memory, and fertilize the present.

© Louise Bloom