Lizeth Gamboa

Intermeat 1
digital photograph
7 x 14 in.

In this series, I captured the screen of my computer while watching amateur webcam porn sites where performers of all genders, sizes and flavors share themselves with anyone who wants to play along. I work with the resulting images in data-bending processes to give the pictures the look of damaged files that make them cryptic and let the viewer a little bit frustrated wanting to see more of the body presented.

The erotic revolution happens every night at amateur porn webcam sites, because the performers are constantly reinventing themselves, while defying the heteronormative mass media rules of which bodies can be seen as beautiful and erotic and which sexual practices are allowed. They even defy the rules of decorum and modesty, letting us all into their rooms, while we, the audience, ratify their reinvention reacting from within our humidities.

© Lizeth Gamboa