Lisa Rockford

The Hero
gouache, collage, beads, thread on paper
11 x 8.5 in.

Daily we are confronted by thousands of images that are formed to manipulate us. Whether passing by billboards, reading the paper, or watching the television, we are confronted by various forms of propaganda. Whether we realize it or not, those images hold power, mainly because we often believe that we are not affected by it.

A great majority of this visual cant relays appropriate gender roles and emphasizes a masculine role that is often violent. For example, women are portrayed with an objectifying male gaze as sexual recipients and ads attack female insecurities, promoting products for feminine improvements. Ads for the military portray male recruits as Heroes, and ads for male products link masculine sexuality with violence against women.

The forces of imagery that we digest convince us that we will receive something in return while succeeding at buying our Vote, making us loyal consumers and spokespersons. While our homeland attempts to prove its power by militaristic force in other countries, we are victims of a war at home: The militia of images, converting our political, sexual, & consumer rationale.

In contrast, I aim to create seductive images that expose and subvert the daily onslaught of visual clutter. My collages are made up of appropriated images, saturated color, and feminine embellishment with underlining feminist motivations.

We are the product, but I pray we will not continue to let this be so.

© Lisa Rockford