Lisa Rivas

wax, watercolor, rice paper
19 x 18 in.

When I take the time to look and really see and to apply my “foolish” imagination, there are worlds within worlds within worlds to be discovered.

When I draw upon the hand-eye coordination learned from the lessons of life and the practice of art, perfected repetition ingrained within my nervous system, the muscles and sinew of my being bring forth moving line and flowing color synchronized with intuition and memory.

When I release all that I know from researching and thinking and contemplating and finally surrender to the beauty before me, there are secrets disclosed and life vibrates before me.

The medium is watercolor, and the surface is rice paper. Using a textile tjanting Tool and hot wax, I draw thin lines to render forms and composition. With repeated washes of watercolor hues deepen and blend within the forms. The wax is reapplied and with these added lines, shapes emerge, creating new images, which are painted. The process is continued until the painting is complete. The piece is then stitched, providing a structural support of dimensional contours unifying the visual order.

© Lisa Rivas