Lisa Klakulak

mixed media
20 x 19 x 2 in.

Traditions are the statements, beliefs, legends, and customs that are handed down from generation to generation.  Having grown up in a middle class white suburb of Detroit, I was socially told to follow the ways of living, beliefs and customs of mainstream America. I was blessed with the passion to question norms and think for myself, but cursed to always seem different. One hears stories of new generations leaving  small towns, and slow paced homestead realities for the up-tempo flashy life of the big cities, I am the opposite.

We are vulnerably born into the world searching for our needs to be fulfilled. We are controlled by what we need and manipulated by what is provided. American society’s provisions have become excessive, addictive and destructive.  Our wants have become needs and our attachment to these false securities is distracting us from nurturing our creation. Visual art is the means by which I contemplate and voice my concerns with this devolution of humanity.

© Lisa Klakulak