Lisa Friedman

Self-portrait at the Lake
digital photo
8 x 10 in.

“In earlier times I have enjoyed walking through neighborhoods spying through uncovered windows into well-lit living rooms and dining rooms. In a sense this was an aspirational pleasure, much like paging through a Dwell magazine or an Architectural Digest. I’d stand outside unseen, envying paintings, well-stocked bookshelves, and sometimes scenes of familial coziness. It’s also a familiar movie trope – the main character stands in the cold, dark, sometimes even rain, longing for the man, woman, or family inside.

I like to think these photos turn these ideas inside out. Taken in June 2020, nearly 3 full months into Covid-19 related social distancing, they show families at home, longing for what’s outside. They show individuals physically together, but also alone in their fatigue, in their worries, in their waiting.”

© Lisa Friedman