Lisa Endriss

Double I
acrylic, enamel, varnish on canvas
26 x 36 in.

I started my art career in 1978 as a member of WeibsBilder, a group of five women who made collective paintings in a narrative-expressive style. We were fortunate to build a following and showed our work in Europe and Brazil. When the group disbanded 10 years later, I made a fresh start by enrolling at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Munich. I began to remove representational forms from my new paintings and to make abstract pictures. I built the new paintings using horizontals and verticals in order to show color without any confusion.

In 1996, I received an award to study and work in the USA for one year. In my studio in Williamsburg, NY, I began to play with the idea of “double” paintings that provoked questions about original and copy, about the binocular structure of an image. I hoped to “touch” the borders of art directly in these double-paintings.

© Lisa Endriss