Lique Schoot

Self Portrait 07 04 15
photographic print
15.75 x 11.8 in.

Lique Schoot has been preoccupied with the self-portrait since 1997. In 2003 she started to photograph herself every day at arms-length, creating a continuous and open-ended record of her existence. She uses an analogue compact camera and after a month the film roll is developed at the photo lab. The prints are stored on a CD and worked on the computer, all titled by date (year, month and day). In this manner she compiles a kind of retrospective diary, she calls ‘LS diaries’. This growing archive is the basis for her paintings, photographs, objects, installations and site specific art. All works reflect a date of a calendar, a day from a life of images, images created in time, her oeuvre of the self-portrait is collectively titled ‘LS data’. Her work shows identity and general emotions like love, sadness and pain, and deals with the major themes of life, such as birth, growth, decay and death.