Linda Gleitz

I am apparently a very opinionated woman and my art is a vehicle to explore those opinions, get those opinions out there and try to connect with others through my art. I am passionate about social justice for all people. I am currently exploring themes such as women’s rights, immigration and refugees, racial injustice and LGBT issues. It truly comes from my heart and I hope to make the world a little more beautiful in the process…put a small wrinkle in the fabric of culture. I truly believe you can change the world, maybe inspire some compassion through art even if it’s one person here and there.

I am currently working on several projects including a comprehensive version of “Social Structure”, my clay “city”. This version will not be broken apart and sold individually, I want a version that stays together as an installation that may be shown many places. I am also working on a series of paintings about immigration and refugees. Both of these projects will be shown in Denver galleries in 2017.

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