Linda Frost

Time and Space
photographic collage/digital art
36 x 16 in.

I was raised in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania, surrounded by the untamed beauty of nature and wildlife. St. Mary’s was famous for its hunting; and at eight years old, I witnessed the horror of a freshly killed deer — stomach split and dripping blood — hanging from the neighbor’s clothesline in the dead chill of winter. The helplessness of animals against the power of man has haunted me from a very early age and I believe that my mission in life is to be a staunch defender of all animals, through the power of my art.

My recent series of work — The Tortured Souls — depicts the barbaric world of vivisection, and focuses on the unwilling animal subjects who suffer in the name of science. This series is based on a merging of my photographs into dreamlike, digital collages.

© Linda Frost