Leila Hernandez

Becoming an Undersirable Mousepad

Control of information is important, it seems that everyone wants to communicate in a fast and efficient manner. The computer is the common vehicle. Knowledge gives power. The Apple Macintosh has been a symbol of power. On the other hand, the absence of knowledge or loss of control can create fear. At moments this same machine that makes life easy and simple, can also make life complex and difficult, almost impossible. The computer starts to throw tantrums, it seems to have a mind of its own. To the user the concept of “control” becomes a non-existent idea. People begin to treat these machines as entities or powerful lords who need to placated, like the Gods in the Mayan World. The Mayatosh art exhibited here is a metaphor that offers a humorous solution to fear through a god-like presence in a Mayan context.

© Leila Hernandez