Laurie Talbot Hall

Laurie Talbot Hall’s dual interests in art and psychology have led to the creation of work that attempts to visualize personal internal experiences. The subject is the intrapsychic experience of the woman, the mother or the child. Because the dynamic and symbolic life of the individual coexists with the observable world of common place events, the familiar can go menacingly askew or blossom into the marvelous. Talbot Hall’s work is an exploration of the intrapsychic in the context of the mundane. These glimpses into preconscious processes are examined through a wide range of media.

Talbot Hall has exhibited widely and is represented in public collections including the Arthur C. Benton Neurobehavior Clinic, Denver Art Museum, Getty Research Institute, Iowa Women’s Archives, Magic Silver, University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa, and Women in Photography National Archives.

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