Laura Anderson

Relic (2015)
acrylic, collage and encaustic on panel
12 x 12 in.

My work as an artist has always been inspired by the natural world—its elaborate complexities, untold mysteries, surprising commonalities, and incredible working processes. I’m interested n both macrocosm and microcosm, from plant cells, to the wings of a butterfly, to weather patterns and even the shapes of galaxies.

I’m also interested in presenting the natural world in the context of our place within it—we are part of Nature, yet we’re set apart from it in many ways. This aspect of our human experience is reflected in obsolete urban environments and other irregular places where there exists a sort of accidental collaboration between Man and Nature. It is this intersection, this duality, that informs my current body of work and is manifest via drawn and painted natural imagery set against collaged representations of the man-made world.

© Laura Anderson