LaNia Sproles

The Gatherer
mixed media/printmaking, intaglio, collaged cut paper, pencil, charcoal
36 x 54 in.

Through collage and assemblage I strive to conduct work that pays homage to imagery free from the barriers of social constructs and honest in the work’s vulnerability. The reconfiguration and twistedness of bodily forms in the work embody racial, sexual and inner insecurities. The figures take pride in their dark presence and at times cannot be distinguished for their gender, sexuality, or virtue.

They are alone and lust for a place to call home. A flaunting of relentless otherness, the figures represent my deeply rooted disconnectivity. They display a unique struggle of self understanding. Their identity is depends on what I am feeling or needing to expel emotionally. As a black queer woman I am insecure and overwhelmed with displacement. Displacement encourages relocation and relocation encourages isolation.

© LaNia Sproles