Kristina Bogdanov

Memory Impact
earthenware, oxides and underglazes

What we perceive, what is only physical form or movement matures and grows in sense so that sense itself stands as elemental part in bridging mental and physical. My iconography focuses on symbolic representation of a figure that reflects certain emotions connected with my own personal experiences.

The complexity of the inside elevates on surface with curved lines, texture and color. Form color and spirit are phenomena with different states of energy. The total combination of their states results in new, unique model of mind in our reality. Memories of destruction and decay of my country, former Yugoslavia, become important constructive and emotional elements in building figures that are lost in despair, crouched praying or in fear. The figures have developed and mutated having exaggerated feet so as to stand with the very last dignity left. Though there is a numb, submissive feeling, the figures are heroic model of mind that reveals my belief in humanity and hope in us as beings of imperfection still capable of nurturing the values of mankind, resisting the temptations of savage materialistic reality.

© Kristina Bogdanov