Kimberly Gust

I am primarily working as a potter right now. I switched from painting oils on canvas to using pottery as my canvas. I throw each pot individually to create a unique piece; I am not a production potter. Each bowl or plate has its own special style and purpose. I use porcelain, red stoneware, and a darker clay body called ochre stoneware. My pieces each have their own unique characteristics, which I try to highlight, since my goal is to create something that cannot be duplicated.

Each piece is created by using one of two techniques. One is to make marks for texture and then slip, carve, or dip and layer glazes over each other. Or I might simply paint an underglaze of bright red or white flowers and a green leaf pattern. Then I let the firing process bake the final layer. It amazes me to see the wonderful reactions that occur. I allow the heat and flame of the kiln to produce the final effect, making a piece of art to use every day for cooking, entertaining, or simply as a decoration to be enjoyed.

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