Kim Squaglia

Hyphae (5 panels)
oil, acrylic, resin on panel
7 x 5 in. per panel

Although the abstract forms in my paintings are based on organic forms, they are created using a mathematical ratio occurring in nature called “the Golden Ratio.” Each form begins with a tiny cell which is doubled in size as form progresses. Various means of containment, manipulation, replication and mirroring give life to the forms, suggestions of swaying, hanging, breath, pulsation, etc…

My primary technique consists of multiple layers of meticulously painted forms within transparent layers of resin. Within areas of flat color, recurring biological-like forms appear and disappear with the gradation of color that subtly change hues as they expand from their structural centers. I am interested in perceptual aspects of color, illusion of space, and suggestion of movement. I imagine the picture plane as a microscopic gelatinous pool filled with living creatures. I believe the images reside somewhere between scientific illustration and science fiction.

© Kim Squaglia