Kim Dotty Hachmann

39.37 x 27.55 in.

My work is about current sociopolitical questions towards family life as well as the very own experiences of my family. Thus I work with the public discussion with reference to education, the Pisa study, patchwork families and daycare centers as well as personal questions related to my family. I visually present my family in short videos, video installations and photo series in order to exploit the complexity of visual, temporal and acoustic aspects. In this frame fantastic stories depict the opposites of individuality and community, intimacy and borders, power and weakness in a humorous, poetic and sometimes grotesque way.

Mostly I find my inspiration by observing my two sons and recently my older son participates more actively in the creative process. It’s a conscious choice that me and my family act in the productions.

Additionally I work in cooperation together with other women artists. These are project based video and performance works with a philosophical and spiritual background.

I see myself as a modern day storyteller.

© Kim Dotty Hachmann