Kelsey Miller

In Assessing Damage, Plenty of Questions
25 x 27 in.

Right now, we receive news and information at a rate faster than we can process it. We build narratives from the relationships between that deluge of information and our own backgrounds, experiences and beliefs. For artists, the act of making resists the act of skimming, insisting that we absorb and respond to what is before us, that we be informed and stay informed.

The inherent qualities of printmaking—iteration, repetition, layering—galvanize presence in our surroundings and reflection on our histories for both maker and viewer. My work is an archive of my experience of this current moment, an iterative practice of recording, scanning, altering, accumulating and distributing that manifests in both prints and large-scale installations.

I see art as an agent for social change, where problems, both tactile and theoretical, are worked through rather than abandoned or avoided. My practice is a call to action, and also a pause, with the intention of offering a moment of reflection and sanctuary.

© Kelsey Miller