Kelly Witte

Not Up For Grabs
linocut and silkscreen
7.25 x 5.5 in. | $200

I consider myself a shy person who will do anything to avoid an argument or any type of confrontation. I get nervous when discussions with my friends, family, coworkers and neighbors include politics. Our society has faced so many issues and challenges within the last few years and it has become increasingly difficult for me to avoid these discussions.

Having lived in the same mid-sized Midwestern city my entire life, I have watched the suburban neighborhood where I live become politically conservative. I grew up in a working class, single parent household that leaned towards the liberal side of the political spectrum. I think that it is always a great opportunity to hear both sides of an issue, discuss different ideas, and learn from one another, but sometimes I feel uncomfortable when others ask me about my stance on politics.

Now I am starting to realize that there is no better time than right now to stop being scared and to voice my opinion about the issues that are important to me. Since I tend to get nervous speaking to others about my views, I found that my art can be used as a platform to raise my concerns about women’s rights. I have grown more worried about women’s rights, especially in regards to healthcare. I am concerned that our access to the services, examinations and medications that we need and that some of us cannot afford will be grabbed away from us.

Of course, creating a piece of artwork about my worries seems trivial to some, but if it is getting my message across and helping to start dialogue about the issue at hand, I consider it a successful step in the right direction.

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