Babette Wainwright

cone-six fired clay
6.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 each | $390 each

I create sculptures which are informed both by my African roots, and by the work of the pre-Colombian people of Haiti, the Arawaks. In 2000, I earned an MFA in Ceramics at the UW Madison, and I have been working since then in both mediums, using the female image as a vehicle for conveying my sense of uprootedness, and my spirituality.

I want to create forms that are meaningful to me, forms that are rooted in my ancestral past, and that seek to define beauty in terms of who I am.

I want my work to speak of the survival, both of the human spirit and of the human culture. I want it to honor humankind ‘s rites of passage, and to anchor us to a common human experience.

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