Kelly Rush

The mission of my work is to promote the visceral. With my pieces I want you to get a sense of a practical—yet beautiful—reality. Envision a hard-working farmer repairing his field-weary tractor or the gnarled, greasy hands of a full-service gas station attendant. Is the object slick to the touch? Does it smell of oil? Who used it? Why? Long, angular lines contrasted against curves, I see in the oilcan both male and female traits. Brightly painted when new and faded when well-worn and stained, it’s an object of hard work and necessity. A wooden box of junk, things that can’t be thrown away. Reminders of someone’s past. My hope is to lure you from across the room. I want you to be seduced into asking questions ranging from the story behind the piece to the aesthetics of it.

© Kelly Rush