Kelly Devitt

Inward – Outward

I use skin as a way to talk about contained emotion. It being the largest organ on our body, skin plays many different roles in its everyday life: it protects, it heals, it contains, and it exposes. As humans, we often try to express our emotions verbally or through facial cues, but skin gives away more information than one may be willing to share. When an individual experiences happiness, anger, or embarrassment, our skin reacts and shows others that there is a greater emotional response stirring inside of us. In a way this acts as a betrayal to our mind. The inner tension grows as the contained emotions, escape.

The average individual is susceptible to mental and physical punctures that are caused by other humans. In the work that I create, I express what that puncture looks like coming from outer and the inner directions. These “punctures” are caused by the individual. They may have been influence by an out- side source but in the end, the self is the one causing internal harm.

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