Katie Haseeb

After the Eid Prayer
acrylic on canvas
14 x 20 in.

Muslims around the world are currently spending Ramadan- the sacred month of fasting and charity- in isolation. The month culminates in the holiday Eid al-Fitr, when we congregate for prayer and celebration. My memories of Eid prayer are filled with the connection and closeness I have felt to both strangers and friends in those moments. It is common for people to embrace or shake hands once the prayer has finished. In the wake of the pandemic, I am left wondering how our traditions will be changed. Will our prayer services- usually so large that they are held outdoors- be limited in size? Will our spiritual connection in those moments still be reflected in physical closeness? In the painting “After the Eid Prayer” I created a tribute to the warmth, closeness, and joy that I have experienced with other Muslim women on that holy day.

© Katie Haseeb