Kathleen Celestin-Parks

No More Wire Hangers
mixed media on canvas
36 x 24 in.

For this exhibit, I explored the issue of women’s rights. These mixed-media pieces help to show the evolution of the women’s rights movement from a time where we were not encouraged to speak up for ourselves and how, despite the strides we have made in the movement, we run the risk of going back in time instead of forward. The movement reminds us that we can go beyond the need for a man’s approval in relationships, the workplace and in the world. It empowers us to recognizing that we are capable of making critical decisions concerning our bodies, our lives and in shaping our world.

Printmaking is my preferred concentration in art. Here is an art form that incorporates all that I appreciate in art. Within it, I can draw, paint, and carve to create a variety of creations. I find the process to be just as fulfilling as the by-product and the finish product. At times, my art shows the finished print along with the printing block, plate, or stone. These pieces are made entirely with printmaking techniques or they may have some printmaking elements.

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