Karen Hanrahan

Cutlery 2
11 x 14 in. (framed)

“The rule is one may wash dirty cutlery only after the last clean spoon is used. Allow said cutlery to assemble ever so artfully on the bottom of reflective stainless steel kitchen sink. Pause occasionally to observe pleasant and artful utensil arrangements. Post an image of said observation on Instagram.

Is this pandemic behavior? Not really. It’s the please don’t make me wash the knives, forks and spoons just yet behavior. My rule allows this. I call it quirky. Some might call it lazy and for those that require an empty kitchen sink at all times, you might never be able to live with me. And that’s OK. I’ve been practicing social distancing for some time now. I’ve gotten good at the blur of lost time and nothingness. I might be set in my ways. I find my day to day has not changed much. I do notice the remarkable beauty in the sameness of things, like my dirty utensils. I treasure my home and it’s subtle visual celebrations. I feel safe as long as I am home.”

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© Karen Hanrahan