Karen Gubitz



There was always a shawl draped on the hook in my great Aunt Mary’s home. On cold winter days when I was a child she would rise, wrap her long white hair into a bun, pull the shawl off the hook, wrap it around her shoulders and head for the studio where I would sit mesmerized as she spun wool into yarn. Memories can be triggered by a smell or a song, but when I see a shawl hanging on a hook, my dear Aunt comes alive in my mind. wovenearth.com/gallery

I am inspired by nature – by the pure, simple and beautiful forms and textures that nature presents. My work explores the expressive possibilities of combining natural and non-traditional materials with methods that have a deep and rich history in working with fiber – loom and hand weaving, twining, plaiting, coiling, netting, crochet and knitting. As I attempt to expand the definition of modern, abstract sculpture, my work often sits between the two worlds of contemporary fine craft and fine art.

© Karen Gubitz