Karen B. Light

Truth #11: Embracing the changing unknown creates the ride of your life
various papers, wood slats, photograph, rocks, acrylic, marker

They are sometimes ingenious, but always attainable.
They appear complicated, but usually,
Truths are simple.

They hide in our pockets, are seen out of the corners of our eyes.
They replenish in tears, release in laughs.
Truths are plenty.

They are different for everyone, or are they the same?
They feel so personal, but could be universal.
Truths can connect us all.

They are powerful to city folk and country dwellers.
They inspire suburban neighbors and traveling souls.
Truths can free us all.

They are driven at and flown into.
They are simultaneously a journey and a destination.
We all voyage toward Truths.

© Karen B. Light