Juliane von Kunhardt

Let Me Hold You Again (from the Egg series)
colored pencil and micron pen 003 on egg
2 x 1.5 in.
NFS (I do commission portraits on eggs)

Paintings portraits on eggs really developed before Easter. Our family has a long tradition of painting eggs. We usually gather in a larger crowd and often invite friends or extended family for that. It therefore felt especially lonely this year. Three of our kids are in Germany; we haven’t seen them since Christmas and who knows for how much longer.

So, drawing the faces of my children, and being able to hold them in my hand again, was literally touching. It is a delicate process to blow out and paint eggs. They break so easily and yet, I have to hold on to them confidently. My hand has to embrace the entire shell, in order to spread the pressure. It is a fine balance of holding an egg tightly, so that it may not slip away and at the same time to let go, or else the unique colors and fine lines will blend.

It really feels a little bit like raising a child. Lots of touches, not too much pressure, just enough to feel safe, and then opening the hand for them to leave the nest.

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