Judi Krew

Considers Marriage a Gamble Anyway
acrylic on canvas
30 x 40 in.

I make paintings to say something, to express my opinion, not to please the taste of someone else. I like to laugh, I like to poke fun, and I like color. There are no subtle tones, no delicate strokes, and no classical renderings. My images are bold, brash and inspired by words and phrases that interest me beyond their face value.

It is important to read the title of the work as part of the viewing process. Many of my works are timely as to what was happening in our society when the concept came to the canvas. My thoughts and interests move quickly hence I stay with one technique and one direction, creating new characters as something else in life irritates me, makes me laugh or makes me think. (Canton, OH)

© Judi Krew