JoJo Razor

February 14th Bottle

As humans we own nothing yet we become the history of the objects and ideas that remain on this earth.

I love liquor bottles, I was seduced by them as a child while watching adults around me use them to rally for power. As a teenager I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. As an adult, I became the one who was watched.

In 1996, I began the Recovered Bottle Project. It was at that time that I began to notice empty liquor bottles everywhere: in my front yard, the laundromat, the phone booth at the corner Safeway. They were constant reminders of things misunderstood: disorder, rejection, invisibility and emptiness. I pick up these bottles, mark them with the date and location of where I find them and take them back to my studio.

The bottles are transformed over time and every second bottle is reintroduced into the community by the gifting process, intended to be kept for one year and then given away on the day printed at the bottom of each bottle.

© JoJo Razor