Jing Zhou

Purity [Ch’an Mind, Zen Mind Series]
archival ink jet print
13 x 17 in.

As a Chinese artist living in the western world, I am aware of art and philosophies from both cultures. My comprehensive understanding of Chinese philosophies has shaped my thinking, conduct, and personality. The prudent and contrary-minded Taoist beliefs, the attached-to-the-earth reality of Confucianism, and the sudden enlightenment and intuitive insights of Zen are the foundation of my life. On the other hand, western art, literature, and philosophies have also inspired me and have opened new ways of thinking about my art and my life.

Influenced by modern design, I am a designer coming out of a classic tradition. I am also an artist developing a personal visual language that expresses universal ideas. I create artworks for the sake of my own spirit, for color and arrangement in each image, and for making visible those concepts that gave birth to the images. I want my viewers to look at my images through magical windows into a deep, secondary space, enriched by my spiritual experience.

My artwork expresses my present perception and intuition towards the ultimate reality. Creating artwork required me to realize my true nature, which resulted in a new perspective on life. It has also challenged me to constantly solve visual problems, learn new techniques, and explore the splendid human heritage. My artistic images form a visual communication that interacts in several collective dialogues. These dialogues are between eternity and transience, oneness and variety, existence and emptiness.

© Jing Zhou