Jia Qi Zhen

Imprints & Devices, 2016
bamboo, twine, ink, muslin, brushes, glue – installation

My works are strongly drawn from two sources: alienation and emotion. The concept is to explore more on the topic of being culturally confused. Since culture is constantly evolving and changing over time, one should at least try to find a happy medium in between the flux. I would consider myself a first generation Chinese-“American,” being brought to America at age 5. However, I am constantly surrounded by Chinese culture while trying to balance and fit into Western culture.

By utilizing an iconic material such as bamboo, I further exploit the influential views that emerge and cause confusion towards culture and identity. I explore the usage of it in my three-dimensional works and performances. In them, the forms and gestures of the works are impacted by the elements in life both externally and internally expressing a reaffirmation of a story.