Jessica Wagner

My Childhood Voodoo Doll
photograph (performance still)
24 x 18 in.

We are living in a state of political unrest. Human suffering becomes personal suffering to those who are tuned in. This unrest goes beyond the things we read and images we see. There is a radiating dark energy in our world and it affects how we live our lives. Aside from the darkness around us there are also inner wounds from our personal history. How do battle through all of this? It is my job as an artist and feminist to be the warrior, activist, and revolutionary. My current series “The Broken Manifesto” portrays the state of personal, emotional, and spiritual suffering that occurs from simply existing as a woman. Through text, image, and my body I use vulnerability to create a dialog with the viewer. My work is a safe space where my audience can feel free to relate or reveal their own suffering. The manifesto has been a statement of art movements throughout history. “The Broken Manifesto” celebrates the idea of being broken in order to breakthrough. It is a movement for all female artists making work about trauma.

I use my body as the open book. Read into me or turn away.

© Jessica Wagner