Jessica Meuninck-Ganger

Frame Story (cross-link)
screenprint monotype assemblages on muslin
64 x 48 in.

I was trained within the printmaking discipline, but know that we live in an era where artistic disciplines and works undergo constant shifts and mutations. My work exists in places where tradition and experimentation meet, and is characterized by mark making and transference, series and structure. I am interested in combining old and new technologies as well as the sequential and time-based qualities of narrative forms. Travel becomes a starting point in my newest work. Walking the streets of Mumbai, Berlin, Hong Kong, Seoul or Buenos Aires, we often find ourselves in unfamiliar environments that provoke us to question our understanding of the world. Whether it is the opacity of a script we cannot read, the sounds of a language we cannot comprehend, or a map that looks more like maze, the freshness that travel brings becomes their inspiration. Visual cues like universal signs, hand gestures or emotions on a face become bridges for negotiating the unfamiliar. My art work is a reflection, a recreation and a reassembly of memories of places, spaces and moments that linger in our minds. The fallibility of memory mingles with the "truth" factor of photographs and videos gathered during travels to form unexpected and uncanny juxtapositions in the work. Wandering through the assemblages, the viewers in turn interpret, experience and form their own story within the story.