Jennifer Mosher

mixed media
70 x 38 in.

I create in order to make sense of my world; my art expresses what words cannot. Issues that are important to me always surface in my artwork. Some issues I can deal with only once; others I have to revisit many times. One event in my life has become subject matter for my art many times over the last few years. I was date raped by a man I had been seeing for about a month. Tragically, rape happens to at least one in four women. Most men who have committed rape, 84%, say that what they did was definitely not rape. This was my case. I knew him, I trusted him. He thought that it was ok to have sex with me, even though I had told him no. It took a long time before I could talk about what happened, and even longer before I could address the issue in my artwork. Of all the ways I have tried to deal with the pain, my artwork has been one of the most healing influences.

© Jennifer Mosher