Jenn Dierdorf

paint, book pages and thread
30 x 10 x 10 in.

My work serves as the evidence of art. Art is the experience found in the processing of the materials I manipulate and the new and indecipherable forms that emerge.

Through my work I explore the residue that we leave on our environment. The ways that objects change and transform with touch and human contact. The ways that our bodies remember certain movements and actions.

The accumulation of individual units develop into forms that are given room to grow and fluctuate. They have no discernable beginning or end. My work often appears fleeting, in the materials and even the momentariness of the actions. But it also carries the permanence of time and experience.

I am not as interested in the creation of objects as much as in creating experiences. From my own action and memory and time, I present the viewer with an opportunity.

© Jenn Dierdorf