Jane M. Mason

Joan of Arc (2020)
wool, silk, yarn, velvet, cotton on linen
37 x 27 in.

As an interdisciplinary artist, I explore textiles, paint, photography, and mark-making.

I champion artists who are female and am inspired by their lives and stories. I often reference art history and my world view. I use both traditional techniques and those that I am experimenting with. Qualities that beckon me are color, texture, visual impact, complex storytelling and artistry.

I’ve been working on being an artist my whole life. I won my first museum art contest when I was five years old. My voice emanates from the five-year-old inside me. She is the one I am in conversation with. It is she for whom I am making art.

My artwork is held in collections across North America and abroad. I have traveled extensively and lived in Florence, Italy as well as in many states in the Midwest, and in New England. I have mounted over 20 single and two-person exhibits.

As a graduate of the University of Nebraska in Fine Arts and Journalism, I have a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies from Harvard University. I also studied at Santa Reparata, International School of Art, in Florence, Italy, studying painting and art history.

My teaching is a great joy and allows me to always keep learning… and laughing. I have taught art and art history for over 20 years. I have taught at the Harvard University Extension School, Harvard University, and I teach extensively online and through my YouTube Channel.

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