Jan Brown Checco

Forgetting to Remember – Alzheimers Among Us
clay, keys, drawing on paper ribbon
72 x 36 x 30 in.

When our brains no longer allow us access to our memories, who do we become? Are we like the infants we were before we knew how to do things for ourselves, before we had acquired experiences to remember? This strange reversal of mind effects 10% of the population over 65, and 50% of the population over 85. It is important to understand it, and to support development of effective treatments for both the “departing” individual and their families.

Jan Brown Checco works in a variety of communities around the world, using community-based public art processes to produce public art with two and three dimensional mediums. This inclusive teaching/learning methodology provides a unique state of collective mind, a constant flow of new ideas and sustained relationships. Jan also designs and builds commissioned ceramic 3-dimensional and mural works in her Cincinnati studio.

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