Jan Brandt

Review of Jan Brandt’s work by Sheldon Gooch:

With a degree in both the fine arts and hard science, Brandt’s assemblages and paintings exude her interest in scientific inquiry by referencing cellular forms and movement. Taking cues from feminist artists, Brandt elevates the craft of textiles to high art by implementing them in site specific installations in response to the interior space of gallery walls. Multiple three dimensional cellular forms, contrasting from each other via a combination of complementary and vibrational colors, agglomerate into a synthesized form that seems to bubble over and expand beyond their wooden hoop “petri dishes” suggesting the continuing expansion of such forms.

This construction and manipulation of form and movement translates well into Brandt’s paintings, where similar shapes alluding cells are painted compactly with the same vibrancy of color providing the same impetus found in her assemblages. These paintings, while the majority of them were completed after the assemblage works, are a part of a new series known as Hypothesis. Referencing the first step of the scientific method, these paintings act as an experimental platform for Brandt to produce new ideas of form and color that may or may not be implemented in future assemblages.

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